Every week is a nostalgic trip down memory lane fused with the spark of modern technology. Officially launched at the AI Music and Video Festival in Las Vegas on March 29, 2024, Saturday Morning Cartoons is a proud part of the OCME Minimum Viable Ecosystem, which includes The AI Music Video Show and The AI Music and Video Channel.

Our Mission

At Saturday Morning Cartoons, we are reviving the golden age of weekend animation with a twist of today’s artificial intelligence advancements. Our platform allows creative storytellers to harness AI tools to bring their vivid imaginations to life. Every cartoon we showcase is an adventure, an expression of human creativity.

What We Do
We provide a stage for animators and cartoonists to feature their work on a dedicated channel that celebrates the joy and creativity of Saturday morning traditions. By using OCME’s innovative split sheet system, creators not only share their work but also ensure proper attribution and monetization, fostering a sustainable creative economy.

For Creators
If you’re an animator or storyteller, join us to broadcast your creations to an audience that cherishes both nostalgia and the forefront of digital animation. Our platform is not just about showcasing your work; it’s about amplifying your voice and creativity through the power of technology.

For Viewers
Subscribe to The AI Music and Video Channel to experience a diverse lineup of AI-enhanced animations that blend the charm of classic cartoons with cutting-edge technology. Your feedback and engagement help shape the future content, supporting creators and guiding the evolution of our programming.

Join Our Community
Become part of Saturday Morning Cartoons to relive the magic of youthful wonderment coupled with the excitement of AI-driven animation. Whether you’re a creator or a viewer, your participation is what makes Saturday morning special once again.

Let’s make every weekend memorable with stories that resonate across generations, powered by technology that transforms imagination into reality. Join us at Saturday Morning Cartoons, where human creativity meets AI technology, and every Saturday is a celebration of animation and innovation.